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  Dongtai Marine Fittings Co.,Ltd has a strong designing and manufacturing ability. It can produce more than 200 sets shafting and rudder complete products and surface friction upper bearers used in ships of less than 500000 tons. The company owns production and testing equipment such as 3.5m,2.5m and 1.6m vertical lathe,14m over-length lathe,5.9m floor-type milling and boring machine,0.5m×2m surface grinding machine, 1m×1.2m steep wire cutting lathe,6m plane milling machine,1.2m super grinding machine,2.2m×6m plane milling and boring machine, large vertical machining center, rubber mixing mill, rubber vulcanizing machine, and large testing stands.
Equipment used in steel and copper casting include 8-ton electric arc furnace with increased shell,20tons/hour automatic sand processing system,30-ton trolley abrator, 100T electric heat treatment furnace which is controlled by computer, specialized power frequency smelting apparatus,3-ton diesel stove, horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machine, heat treatment annealing furnace and so on. It can conduct metal cutting and machining various shafting and rudder products which weight less than 30 tons and length less than 14m, and large marine castings and forgings. Besides, it can supply steel casting of less than 20 tons, steel castings anchors of less than 30 tons, and copper and aluminum casting, white alloy bush of less than 1.5 tons.

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