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  Dongtai Marine Fittings Co., Ltd is a large professional company and one of the earliest companies that specialize in designing and manufacturing shafting and rudder complete products in China.  For more than thirty years, we have been striving hard to be a modernized group enterprise which incorporates designing and manufacturing of steel castings, copper castings, and shafting and rudder products. Our company is an affiliate company of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It has metalworking plant, assembly plant, steel casting plant and copper casting plant. Our products have gained the model approval of societies as CCS, BV, GL, LR, ABS, NK, KR, DNV. The company has become one of the leading supply bases of marine shafting and rudder product assemblies, marine steel castings, marine anchors and marine copper castings in China.
  The company has more than 500 employees in total, including 136 experts and technicians and covers more than 100,000 m2 floor area. It has a yearly production of 20,000 tons large castings and more than 200 sets of marine shafting and rudder complete products. The company has established thorough and sound systems involving production, service and quality assurance, and it owns complete material and product testing equipment. Its marketing and after-sales network has covered Southeast Asia area, coastal cities, cities along the Yangtze River and other large and medium cities in China. The company owns a group of large and sophisticated equipment including 14m over-length lathe, 3.5m vertical lathe, 5.9m floor-type drilling and boring machine and large machining center. It mainly produces shafting and rudder matching products, such as marine steel castings, marine copper castings, various stern shaft and stern tube sealing devices, intermediate bearings, surface friction upper rudder bearings, stern tube bearings, rudder pintles, stern shafts, countershaft, and rudder levers. Among them, the split oil lubrication stern shaft sealing device has bridged a national gap and water lubrication stern shaft sealing device has gained several national patents. Large surface friction upper rudder bearings and stern tube assemblies have been exported with the ships.

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